Thursday, November 11, 2010

For Colored Girls!

This is a must see.  I loved this movie.  I am really proud of Tyler Perry.  I was nervous that this would not be as good as it was. After seeing it last Saturday I immediately saw there was nothing to be nervous about. Each actress bough their A game and the way Tyler was able to weave their stories together was genius.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

I Voted! But Did It Help?

I voted this past Tuesday, (November 2, 2010), but those damn Republicans still found a way to take over the House! I am just glad we voted in a Democrat for California Governor. I don't know how well Jerry Brown is going to do his second go around, but at least he's not Meg Whitman. The way she threw her illegal immigrant housekeeper under the bus, five minutes before she entered the race was shameful to me. I'm glad she lost.  And the Carly Fiorina ads just creeped me out. They alone made me cast my vote for Barbabra Boxer. President Obama endorsed Boxer too, so she definitely got my vote. His word goes a long way with me.  I know my vote counted, but I just hate that it really didn't change the outcome in my favor across the board.  I am still glad I made it to the polls though. I didn't want to be one of those people who complains, but won't even get up off the couch to vote. Not happening. Especially, when my ancestors marched to actually have the right to vote.  It would be like a slap in their face to not cast my ballot.  I'm just saying!  I love our president, but I do hope he gets some much needed help. I feel like President Obama is all alone out there, desperately trying to clean up the eight year mess that Bush left.  I feel he needs four or five young thirty-somethings out there as his PR. Folx who believe in his policies and can articulate his message on TV and defend him to all of these news pundits. The young vote got him in, so I think he should have them speaking on his behalf. He just can't do it alone.  As horrible as Bush was he always had people defending him. President Obama needs the same thing. I will forever be pulling for him! Yes WE CAN!