Friday, August 20, 2010

Dr. Laura's Caller "Jade" Responds....LOVE HER!

I love how she responded. In my opinion Dr. Laura is not sincere in her apology, she just got caught. I am still so glad this happened. Now anyone else who feels the same way Dr. Laura does will think twice before unloading the n word and other hurtful words just because. Say whatever you want to say, but know there will be people to make you accountable.

Monday, August 16, 2010

I am outraged by Dr. Laura's Ni%&$ Rant!

Dr. Laura should be reprimanded for how she handled this call. Completely inappropriate!

The following are all the things that Dr. Laura said during her ignorant rant that outraged me:

The N word said 11 times by Dr. Laura (It was as if you enjoyed saying it. I really felt like you thought you could get away with it because you kept saying that's what the comics say on HBO. You didn't need to say the N word to make whatever point you were trying to make.  I think you knew that Dr. Laura but really didn't care. You feel like many folx feel, you all [blacks] say it, why can't I? I'll be damned, I can say it too, and you did. Here's the deal Dr. Laura, all black people do not say this word, and no you can't say it without outrage from those who know how much historic hate attached to the word inflicted by whites.  And newsflash #1- you're only sorry the media jumped over this. We who heard this rant could tell this is what you meant to say. Join arms with Rush Limbaugh, John Mayer, and Don Imus who are all sorry too.)

"I don't think that's racist" ( When did we make an old white women the authority on what is racist or not.  Poor caller, why did you call this lady for advice?!)

"A lot of blacks voted for Obama simply because he was half black. Didn't matter what he was going to do in office.  It was a black thing.  You gotta know this "(And you gotta know this Dr. Laura, a lot of blacks didn't vote for Obama, they are called Republicans.)

"We gotta black man as president and we have more complaining about racism than ever. I think that's hilarious." ( Oh so since their is a black president there is no more racism?? That is so ignorant that it can't be funny Dr. Laura. If the president were a women would that end all of the sexism in America?? Come on, let's get real.)

"Hypersensitivity which is being bred by black activist" (Ignorance which is being bred by Dr. Laura)

"White men can't jump. I want you to be on my team" (Tell that to Paul Gasol of The Lakers Champions)

[It's okay to say the N word] Depend on how [the N word] it is said (Since when did Dr. Laura become the authority on the N word and when it can be said in the correct way.  News flash- there is no correct way.  It should not be said)

"Black comics on HBO say N*&!@ all the time"  (What does that have to do with anything? Since comics use the word then that gives everyone the green light for blacks or whites to use it.  Puhhlease!! Many people use the word, and????? That does not make it right.  Dr. Laura knows this.  She just needed justification to repeat the word a million times. )

"Don't NAACP me" (Dr. Laura, exactly what does that mean?)

"If you're that hypersensitive about color and don't have a sense of humor don't marry out of your race." (Are you serious Dr. Laura..amazing that this caller didn't cuss you out. I sure would have.) 

I love what Keith Oberman had to say about Dr. Laura and I love him giving her the prize as "Worst Person In The World." The fact that Dr. Laura apologized after the outrage is not to be commended.  I don't believe she was or is sorry one bit. She would say it again if this did not make news as being outrageous and wrong.  I love that this happened because this was no slip up. This just revealed who she really is as it relates to race.  I love it when the wind blows the sheets off people and they no longer get to look at you and hide. It's wonderful when you get to see who people really are versus who they pretend to be.  Because then you can deal with them effectively.  I would have been horrified if I was a friend of Dr. Laura's or worse an employee.  She could not clean this up with me.  It's like finding out your boyfriend is married. He can never go back to being the nice single guy you thought he was.  The only thing missing from  Dr. Laura's apology was her saying "I am not a racist.  One of my best friend's is black." I can just hear her and many other people say, "How could I be racist and have a black friend?" You are and you can. Especially, when you're black friend is your maid or your bodyguard. And the fact they had no idea you all were friends! lol!

I do think that it was crazy that Jade, (the black caller married to a white husband) even called Dr. Laura for any advice in the first place.  My mama always used to say consider the source when you get such bad advice.  In this case Jade should have never went to this source.  But because she did, it gave me another opportunity to see Al Sharpton on Anderson Cooper 360.  Seeing Sharpton with that perm on CNN never gets old to me.  Get'em Al!

Overall, I am glad that this happened.  Things Dr. Laura said on the radio to the caller needed to be showcased in a national conversation.  It needed to be featured on CNN's Rick's list just like it was. A lot of people agree with Dr. Laura and they need to be refuted just like she was.  Dr. Laura gave us another opportunity to be reminded how some folk still ignorantly think about black people and the N word.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Whitney!!!

The Voice turns 47 today! She looks good for any age, but 47....you betta go girl! Word on the street is that she is in the Bahamas with Bobbi Kristina celebrating. Wherever you are in the world today Whitney, may you have a wonderful birthday.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Happy Birthday To My Best Friend!

Well, actually her birthday was yesterday, but since we were too busy celebrating I didn't have time to post on the actual day.  Hopefully, since she was there, she understands.  We spent the day at Universal Studios and oh what fun we had.  Next time though, we must wear better shoes. Our dogs were barking, loudly! Standing in line for 35 minutes at a time and walking up hill after hill will do that to your little twinkle toes.  Oh and next time, we must ride the Jurassic Park water ride first, not last. We end up shivering all the way to the car and blasting heat in August. But besides that, we had a ball!  I think one of the highlights of the day was getting a guided tour by Whoopi Goldberg! Who knew Whoopi 
would take a day off from The View just for Tam!!! 
Now that's what I call birthday love! Nothing less for my BFF!!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Chelsea Clinton's Wedding

Chelsea Clinton got married over the weekend. What I loved about the whole affair was that there was no real celebrities there (except for Ted Danson). No big deal if there were, but it's nice to see people who could have everyone and there mama there (and by that I mean Oprah) chose not to. People act like they could care less about the limelight, celebrities, and the paparazzi, but it's usually a lie. They proved that their privacy and their love was what mattered most. Bill Clinton even lost 15 pounds for his little girl. And what was all the hoopla about how much the Clinton wedding cost?? It's their money and their little girl, only child at that. I hoped they had a ball.

First TI and Tiny finally get hitched, now the Clintons! A summer to remember I tell ya!

Crushin on Pineapple.....Muah!

I just discovered Pineapple Crush in 2010. I do know that soda is bad for you, but this taste so good. I can't drink a lot or I will turn into a 13 yr. old with acne, but once or twice a week I drain a can or two. If you like pineapple then this is for you. Strawberry Crush used to be my favorite, but not since I tried this.  And sometimes it has the nerve not to be at the grocery store. Unlike Coke or Pepsi this is not that easy to find.  When I do manage to hubble me a 24 can case my eyes dance like Oprah looked at me and said...."You get a car!" Yes, I like it that much. Try it and you will see why.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Leah Remini on Mad TV! Hilarious....

Check out Leah Remini from King of Queens with a Mad TV cast member. I was cracking up. They took this to a whole notha level...you will get it when you watch it. Lol!