Friday, August 21, 2009

10 day countdown!

Ok ya'll only 10 days left until the Whitney album drops. I cannot wait to have my own private listening party. I feel like I am 15 all over again. It is amazing how somebody's voice can make you feel so good. So much buzz. And good buzz too. I am so ready for Whitney's return to the stage. She looks great and she sounds even better.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Whitney Remembers Michael

Whitney Houston said it was "hard to express in words" what Jackson meant to her.

"He was my friend," the pop diva said. "He was one of the reasons I got into the music business. He inspired me. He taught me. He laughed with me. He paved the way for African American artists to be played on MTV which was huge.

"My heart is full of grief for his family and his children and I pray that they take solace in the incredible legacy of his music and art."

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Remembering Michael Jackson

Today is a sad day. It is the day the world lost a musical icon. Michael Jackson passed away at 2:26PM. It is now 11:20 PM and I am still in shock. I have been watching CNN since 3:00 PM today. I first found out about this horrible news on Twitter. Yes, on Twitter. I was actually Twittering about some random subjects when I received a Tweet from Perez Hilton that Michael Jackson passed away. I gasped and was about to Re-tweet something nasty to Perez about spreading such horrible lies about the King of Pop. Before I pushed the send button on that Tweet, I quickly went to TMZ's website, which unfortunately corroborated Perez Hilton's Tweet. Okay, then I screamed, clenched my chest, and picked up the phone to call my best friend, who usually knows everything way before me. Her response was just like mine..."You're lying!" I so wished I was. We both sat on the phone in disbelief, then hung up immediately to call our moms. Who else do you call when something happens you can't believe? I love Michael Jackson. I know his spirit will live on. I will be praying for his children and his family. Even though I didn't know him personally, I feel like he was part of my family. There are only a few strangers that I loved before meeting. If anyone knows me, they know that Whitney Houston is one. The late Michael Jackson is the second. They both are the only two artists that graced my childhood room walls.

I remember when the "Beat It" video came out on MTV. I laid on my bed just like Mike did, then jumped up and tried to mimic his every dance move. I did this every time the video came on. His Thriller album was so classic. I longed for a red jacket with sparkles. And oh yes, I did have me some penny loafers. September 10 2001, I had the privilege of seeing Michael Jackson perform in concert. It was an amazing show. It was actually my college friend Emmanuel Lewis who made it possible for me to have this memory. What a night that was. I won't ever forget it. Who knew that three years later I would meet Michael in LA. It was in August of 2004 and I had just moved to La La land. I was working my first TV gig in LA. After one long yet ordinary work day, I strolled into the Omni hotel and met Michael Jackson. It was so surreal shaking his hand. The only way I actually believed it was him was because his whole family was there. Randy Jackson was standing right next to him. Joe Jackson was walking around in my peripheral vision and I actually bumped into Jermaine Jackson on the elevator. It was a crazy family affair, but my only interest was in the gloved one. All I remember clearly is that he was tall and very kind. I was so in shock that after I met him, I went in a corner by myself and acted like I was talking to a crowd of people. With my hands pumping in the air I screamed, "I just met Michael Jackson!" So amazed I didn't faint. Rest in peace, Michael Jackson. You gave the world so much. Your memory will live on in your music, in your family, and in fans like me.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

@Quencie Twitterviews @HRSHOW

Welcome to my first Twitterview! I look forward to meeting all of my Tweeps one Twitterview at a time. First up, Howard Reese also known as @hrshow. Howard loves him some Whitney Houston. And really, isn’t that enough reason to want to know him. Ya’ll know I love me some Whitney. But enough about me, scroll down and meet @Hrshow.

@quencie: How old are you and where are you from?
@hrshow: I am 19 and I am from Laurel, MD. I still reside there for now.

Re-Tweet: Dag, I remember when I was 19…oh the days at Clark Atlanta University!

@quencie: When was your Youtube channel launched?
@hrshow: The HR Show started January 21, 2009

Re-Tweet: I remember seeing one of your episodes. You were hilarious!

@quencie: When did you sign up to Twitter and why?
@hrshow: I joined March 10th because it was the new thing. Now, I can’t seem to get off it. It is also easier for me to update and faster than Youtube.

Re-Tweet: You can’t get off and I can’t stop….being addicted to Twitter that is.

@quencie: What is your passion?
@hrshow: Well, ever since I can remember my true passion was music. Over time I added modeling and acting to the list.

Re-Tweet: I totally see model/actor. Waiting to hear the demo…ut oh do I hear triple threat.

@quencie: Why did you decide to do the HR show?
@hrshow: I did the HRshow on Youtube because it is a big way to help me get myself out there. I like to think I am the next big thing. I model, and am trying to get into acting. I am also doing a demo (I sing). This is not my first Youtube channel. Before the The HR Show, I was lovewhitney07. I stopped lovewhitney07 because people only wanted to hear about Whitney and I feel I am so much more than that.

Re-Tweet: I do love Whitney, but I can definitely see wanting to talk about other things.

@quencie: Who influenced you?
@hrshow: The biggest influence I have is my Aunt Sandra. I call her Aunt Sandy. She has raised me ever since I was 3 months old. Everything that I’ve come to do and become is because of her. She keeps me going as I do the same for her. If it were not for her I would not be here today. Everyone needs to have a strong support system behind them no matter what they are going to do in life. Since I am trying to be in entertainment it is needed even more. My other influence would be Whitney Houston. She has done it all, and I want to do it too.

@quencie: Who's your favorite celebrity and Why?
@hrshow: Hands down Whitney Houston. Everything about her I love with all my heart. Whitney was a way to keep my mom with me at all times. When I was growing up my mom was not really there. I would only see her once in a blue moon. Whitney was something we had in common and could always talk about. My mom even gave me a picture of Whitney Houston that I have still to this day. Now that mom has passed away Whitney means even more to me. Whitney is nothing short of amazing. Everything from beginning to end is stunning. I try not to dwell on the things that have happened that she may not be as proud of, but I embrace it all. She is one person that I cannot leave this world and not work with; may it be movie or music but I am hoping for both and much more.

@quencie: Why do you like B. Scott?
@hrshow: I really like him because he makes me laugh and he really has some thing to say. May he be gay straight or whatever; he is an amazing person. I had the amazing pleasure to meet him when he came to Towson University, in Maryland. Some of the things he talks about I can really relate to. Also he is an inspiration. He started with something he thought about and ran with it and that is what I am trying to do. He lets us know that no mater what you want to do just keep at it and you can get there in time. He is also someone I would like to work with in the future.

Re-Tweet: I like B. Scott because he calls his fans “Love muffins.”