Thursday, September 20, 2007

Why I Love My Momma!

I love my mom for so many different and unique reasons. She is so to be admired. Her energy, loyalty, love, and stylish flair are just so magnetic. Since I was a child she is the only person I have been able to be completely honest with. She has taught me what unconditional love looks and feels like. The way she loves all four of her children equally is the way I want to love my kids one day. The way she dances and laughs like no one is watching makes you giddy from the inside out. She has taught me so many great things in life just by living her life well. I know how to have fun because of my momma. I know how to laugh from my gut because of my momma. I know how to work hard and have faith because of my momma. I am fearless because of my momma. Growing up I always felt that I could do anything. I did not feel any limits on what I could accomplish because of the amount of love and encouragement she invested in me. I also admire the imperfections in my momma. Realizing my momma was human gave birth to empathy and compassion in my heart. Knowing your momma is not perfect keeps you from being so hard on yourself and the rest of the world. My momma is bold, loud and cute. She showed me that it was okay to be all three. Her consistent willingness to grow and admit that although most times she is right she can be wrong is a rare quality I work hard to acquire every day. She is not just my momma, she is my hero. I don't know why my father decided not to stick around but I am so glad my momma did. It is one of the many reasons why I love my momma!